The sealing gaskets, rubber gaskets, what material?

Rubber gasket main products are: silicone mats, neoprene, nitrile rubber pad gasket, EPDM gaskets, fluorine rubber and other rubber pads.

Common Chloroprene rubber, natural rubber, EPDM rubber, acrylic adhesive and other special rubber gaskets with oil, acid, alkali, wear-resistant, resistant to high and low temperatures and other characteristics.

Particular types of Viton, silicone rubber gasket with good wear resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics. NBR、SBR、CR、EPDM... Materials, such as rubber gaskets for flexible

(Dense cell structure) and the compact two-State, satisfies the different seal, heat insulation, sound insulation and cushioning, waterproof and airtight, and so on. Resistant to oil, acid

Alkali, cold, heat and ageing resistance and other properties can be cut into various shapes of seal gasket.