Rubber Seal Strip Intelligent

Automotive rubber seal is a new and environmentally friendly automotive rubber seal, Rubber Seal Strip due to good performance, good market prospects, B-type automotive rubber seal is the seal industry trends.

As the current car rubber seal mainly non-renewable use of EPDM rubber, therefore, the use of easy processing, performance is better than rubber, lower overall cost, waste recyclable thermoplastic elastomer, casting elastomer and mixing Type elastomer and other materials to replace EPDM rubber, Rubber Seal Strip rubber car production rubber seal, has a very broad prospects for development.

In addition, foreign countries have developed intelligent rubber products. China's seal enterprises should pay close attention to the world of polymer materials and intelligent rubber products, Rubber Seal Strip the development trend of the development of intellectual property rights of intelligent rubber seal, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

With the continuous development of China's auto industry, the market for automotive seals, especially car seal performance requirements are getting higher and higher, Rubber Seal Strip not only need to have excellent sealing, but also beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly.

As the car seal on the material, the process requirements are higher, a long time, the domestic market to import products. But with the rapid development of the automobile industry, Rubber Seal Strip in the car with the development of seals, China has accelerated the pace.

The main raw material for the manufacture of automotive rubber seals is EPDM rubber. The material has a high curing speed, good extrusion process performance, excellent resistance to ozone and weather resistance aging performance, in the future for a long time is still the preferred rubber rubber seal production.

As the main raw material, Rubber Seal Strip EPDM rubber is also constantly updated and developed. It has excellent physical properties, and the operable processing performance of the new EPDM control its molecular long chain branching, so that the vulcanization performance is better, improve the extrusion speed and product yield.

Extrusion process performance, Rubber Seal Strip filling a large amount of fast out, semi-reinforced and general-purpose carbon black is EPDM rubber commonly used reinforcing agent, but also in line with the green car rubber seal production additives.

Foaming agent should be used closed type, Rubber Seal Strip small pore size and hair evenly. At present, enterprises have also developed a number of computer application software, the formula of raw materials for screening, combination, in order to achieve the formula optimization.